Achieve a windswept updo today!
Coloured hair extra strength hairspray
Coloured hair extra strength hairspray

Tutorial- The Windswept Updo

Monday December 23, 2013 - 12h57

With plenty of loose tangles around the face, windswept updos have made their mark in 2013 becoming one of the newest trends incorporating curls, French twists and plaits, and in a few short steps you can shape your own up do to create your own unique look to stand out in the summer crowd.

Get the Windswept look

Step 1

Using a curling iron for straight hair or curling cream for curly hair firstly mattify the hair with a dust of dry shampoo or powder and tease slightly to create high-defined volume utilising the curling iron or cream to create generous uneven curls and waves.

Step 2

Alongside roots, tease several clumps of the hair and pin back in a loose French twist securing the hair into place and leaving several strands hanging along the face on either side and leaving a section of hair directly above the ear to braid in a halo inspired style to avoid using headbands and other accessories to complete the look.

Step 3

When you have finished plaiting the section of hair around the head and you reach the neck tuck underneath the ear under a loose strand and use a clip or pin to fasten into place.

Step 4

Secure the hairstyle with pins and hairspray to hold into place. Using these easy steps you can leave behind the hassle of washing day two hair and re-straightening and instead create this elegant messy updo to complement a halter neck top or strapless summer dress.

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